Craniosacral Therapy from an East Asian Perspective


The first time I experienced craniosacral therapy with my colleague Albert Stern, L.Ac, was a monumental shift in my understanding of energy medicine as a modality that not only approaches healing from an integrative perspective, but as an experience that allows you to communicate with the deepest potential of your inner awareness and create a healing pivot away from chronic physical and emotional conditions.

At the root of East Asian Medicine is the concept of yin and yang, the polarities of existence that are created out of emptiness or pure potential energy, and that define our relative perceptive of reality – day and night, hot and cold, excess and deficiency, health and illness. The yin-yang symbol contains the yin as dark and the yang as bright. And within each polarity is a little dot that represents the pivot, a reminder that one cannot exist without the other, for each generates the other.

Yin represents our dense physicality, our flesh, blood, body fluids, organs, and bones. When these building blocks exist in harmony with nature and our individual essence, the yang processes of movement and metabolism, growth and regeneration develop with ease, and we don’t feel any physical or emotional symptoms. At the root of craniosacral therapy is an understanding of the body’s tidal energetic forces that allow for its smooth functioning with ease, lightness, and vitality. When there is a disharmony, whether it shows up as acute or chronic physical or emotional pain, the cosmology of one’s natural tidal forces are disrupted.

As a craniosacral therapist, it is my goal to create a safe space where you can reconnect to your body’s energetic alignment. I take direction from your subtle movements and energetic nudges. During this process, one generally reaches a “still point,” or timeless stillness that communicates with pure Divine Feminine energy, the yinnest of all yin. Out of this experience arises a transition from yin to yang, a reorganizing of your universe to embrace a new way of being.

In my experience, most people understand health in black and white terms. You’re either sick or you’re not, and you don’t notice how good is it to be healthy until you get sick. There is a need to fix the problem and get back to “normal,” your normal. In my experience working with clients, your potential for healing within your own evolutionary process is so much bigger than getting back to a baseline state. We are given obstacles in life to learn from them and expand our self-awareness and potential to hold more and more love and light. Your suffering matters, and no matter how hard it is to see the light at the end of the tunnel, things will always change and you will become a stronger, wiser, and more compassionate person for it.

I am honored to support you on your journey and create a space where you can discover more and more of yourself and your enjoyable ways of experiencing reality. I invite you to dive in deep and participate in your ever-evolving conscious expansion and healing potential through craniosacral therapy.