Injection Trigger Point Therapy

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy uses Traumeel, an arnica-based homeopathic remedy made of botanical and mineral extracts, to improve healing time for acute and chronic muscle and joint injuries. The injection needle is inserted into a myofascial trigger point, which is a hyperactive spot in skeletal muscle that is painful with compression and commonly gives rise to referred pain and tenderness, motor dysfunction, and autonomic motor responses. The needle insertion elicits a muscle twitch or twitches, inactivating the trigger point and releasing muscle tension in that specific zone. This system of myofascial trigger points was created by Janet Travell, M.D. 

After the trigger point is inactivated, Traumeel is injected into the site to further break up muscular tension and initiate the body’s natural healing mechanism for acute and chronic injuries. This method has been used successfully for long-standing or post-operative joint problems, healing of scars, and athletic injuries. 

After the injection, there is a possibility of a worsening of the condition during the next 24 hours followed by a marked improvement. Some patients report soreness in the area injected, while other patients see no negative side effects. As Traumeel is intended to treat all types of trauma, some patients may experience a detox reaction in the form of releasing stuck emotions that may be associated with the injury. 

Injection therapy may be a good choice for you if you are looking for a natural alternative to avoid hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, or ankle surgery. The frequency of treatment depends on the chronicity of the injury and the health of the individual. Typically, 4 treatments are recommended per one year of sustained injury. Acute injuries may take only 1-2 treatments.